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How to?

Meet Dollarbill promo campaign for the most creative and adventurous people! $5 for a video review of Dollarbill!

Step 1

In a video, share your experience investing in Dollarbill. Upload the video to YouTube and provide the link in the form below or through the feedback on the Contact Us page.

Step 2

Make a video where your face is clearly visible and what you are saying is clearly audible.

Step 3

Make your video no shorter than 7 seconds.

Step 4

Make sure you have an active deposit with Dollarbill because it is a prerequisite for participating in the promo.

When your video has been successfully uploaded, we'll post it either on our website or on our YouTube channel.
Once the video is posted, we will credit your account balance with $5.
If you have created a video that did not meet Step 2 requirements, you will not qualify for the reward, but your video may be posted on the site along with other videos.

Review form

What next?

Please note that you will receive a reward for your video in the currency of your active deposit. The reward is a one-time payment. Other videos you may upload can only be paid on a case-by-case basis. The use of the same video in the promo will not qualify you for a prize.
Dollarbill may refuse to pay out the prize without giving any reason.