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Insurance fund: $34,345,079.11
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Since: Sep 27, 2015

Questions and Answers

You can create your own personal account by clicking the "Registration" button. Then follow the instructions on the site to create a personal account.

You can create any number of accounts using the same IP address and/or the same device.

You can deposit and withdraw funds using the following electronic payment systems: LiteCoin; Bitcoin; Dash; Doge; Bitcoin Cash; Ethereum; Tether TRC20.

30 USD or its equivalent in crypto currency.

There is no maximum amount. You can make any number of deposits and there is no maximum possible investment amount. However, deposits that are over $20,000,000 must be additionally approved with our finance department before depositing. To contact our finance department, send the request on the email [email protected]. Any investment strategy chosen by you will be implemented by us.

In case you used cryptocurrency to make a deposit, then it may take up to 12 confirmations in the Blockchain before the deposit will be activated.

Bitcoin $25;
Litecoin $25;
Bitcoin Cash $25;
Ethereum $25;
Dash $25;
DOGE $25;
Tether TRC20 $5.

Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount for Cryptocurrencies may be changed in the future depending on the cost of the transaction fees in the Blockchain network

Payments are processed within 1 minute to 72 hours regardless of what day of the week you submitted the withdrawal request. This procedure and the time it may take is primarily associated with the security of any transactions initiated by our customers, providing additional security to the investment process.

All payouts are done using the company's internal exchange rate pegged to the US dollar and which will be aligned with the weighted average of the corresponding exchange rate in the currency market.
What does this mean for investors?
First, when creating an investment in any currency, including cryptocurrencies, the system will convert the funds into US dollars at the above rate and create a deposit in USD.
Secondly, the investor will receive all his earnings also in USD.
Thirdly, when an investor makes a withdrawal request, he will have to indicate the amount in USD which must not be below the minimum allowed amount.
It’s only after the withdrawal request has been created by the investor that the system will automatically convert this requested amount into the currency used by the investor to create this particular investment.
Example. If you invested using Bitcoin, you will receive your earnings in USD, you will submit a withdrawal request in USD, but the requested amount will be paid into your Bitcoin wallet directly in BTC at the rate described above.

No, you can’t. Ethereum deposits using SMART CONTRACTS ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY OUR SYSTEM!

There is no maximum amount that can be paid out to customers.

Dollarbill is a global company, registered in the United Kingdom, and it carries out investment and trading operations around the world.
For more information about us, our incorporation documents and registration data, please check the "Contact Us" and "Documents, legal information" pages.

The declared profitability on all investment plans is formed and becomes available to our investors as a result of the actual work of our staff in crypto-trading as well as in mining and speculative activities by our traders on world currency, stock and commodity exchanges using the our own innovations, helping our specialists to maximize efficiency and safety of risk-free transactions online. Profits generated in this way are not fixed. That is why each of the investment offers promises a certain nominal rate of return. At the same time, we provide certain opportunities for all rates of return on any of the investment plans, providing each investor with a well-projected return.
The processes that work towards generating profits for all stakeholders are reliable and super-efficient, because our unique cluster-type trading neural networks provide us with methods and tools for error-free trading that are completely inaccessible to all other competitors. These methods and tools are constantly learning, consistently and safely giving us income from cryptocurrency trading, as well as constantly generating profits on Forex, stock and commodity exchanges.

Investing with us is 100% safe. You can be absolutely sure that your invested funds will work to steadily bring you profit because Dollarbill has been on the market since 2015, which means that we have many years of solid experience in this field of business. In addition, over the years, we have become the epitome of big business as it is. If you associate big business with large transaction volumes, multi-million-dollar turnover, and a large company with its own corporate rules, this is exactly what Dollarbill is in its truest embodiment.
Using our own innovations and implementing exclusively our own ideas make us technologically and financially perfect, independent and free from any market fluctuation, which makes the security, safety and reliability of investing with us obvious.

On business days - from Monday to Friday. Earnings are not paid on Saturdays and Sundays. For investment plans with a one-time pay (for example, VIP plans), earnings can be paid into your account on any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday.

We do not charge any additional deposit or withdrawal commissions or hidden fees from our customers. We maintain purely transparent business relationships.

If you have already created an investment, you cannot undo this action. After activating the deposit, you will not be able to change this afterwards. For our part, we strongly recommend that you carefully study all our investment plans and determine the type of investment you wish to place in our company before it is activated.

Every deposit has an operating period. So, an already operating investment cannot be prematurely closed, terminated or changed.
This means, among other things, that you cannot add an amount to an existing investment. However, you can always create another deposit, thus increasing your profits.
Besides, you can always use the BillGain option, which can significantly increase your profit while you are using your existing deposit.

BillGain is a unique mechanism for activating or deactivating the reinvestment process. It is accessible to every investor. Under this option, your earnings stated as a nominal percentage of the par value (principal amount) are cyclically added to the principal amount, thus increasing your principal amount and, accordingly, increasing your earnings.
BillGain has 2 main options.
One option provides for the use of BillGain at 100%, and the second provides for the use of BillGain partially at an amount less than 100%.
If an investor uses 100% BillGain, his earnings (all his earnings) will be automatically added back to his principal amount.
If an investor uses any other value less than 100% for BillGain, this use is called partial and it means that only a certain part of his earnings, stated as a percentage of the total amount of his earnings, will be added back to his principal amount, while the rest will be paid into his account balance and can be withdrawn by the investor at any convenient time. For example, let’s say you receive US $200 daily as earnings. If you set BillGain to be 100%, your principal amount will increase by $200 in a day. The next day, your next earnings will be based not on the initial principal amount but on the newly increased principal amount (increased by $200).
If the BillGain option is set to a value less than 100%, for example 25%, the next day your invested deposit will increase by $50. It's easy to understand that this $50 is 25% of the principal amount of your daily earnings in the already mentioned $200. The remaining earnings ($150) will continue to be credited to your account balance and will thus be available for withdrawal at any convenient time. And already on the next business day, the system will calculate your earnings based on the new principal amount that was increased by $50, and so on, day after day, increasing both your principal amount and your earnings.

This is because at the moment, the number of deposits that can be accepted under the investment plan in question has reached a sufficient level and our finance department is processing the current volume of invested funds.
Dollarbill is constantly developing and implementing new specialized neural modules for our trading neural network. These modules each time increase the capacity of investment plans and the amount of investments that a particular investment plan is able to accept. However, implementation of each neural module requires time and technical adjustments, so we can sometimes accept a limited amount for some investment plans, while all previously created deposits under the given plan would continue to work as usual. That investment plan would become available for investment again in two cases – as soon as our finance department processes the current amount of invested funds, or as soon as the next neural module is put into operation, increasing that investment plan's capacity. So, just wait for a while, and the plan will soon be open again for investment.

All financial transactions must be performed using the corresponding electronic payment systems. This means that if, for example, your referral used Bitcoin to make a deposit, and you will also receive your referral reward in BTC.
The same rule applies to your investment earnings.

Yes, you can. However, please note that you can become a Representative even without making a deposit. To become a Representative, you only need to be a registered user, fill in and submit the online application form for approval. In addition, in the personal dashboard of each investor, there is a button "Upgrade account". When you click it you will be redirected to a form on the "Become a Representative" page. Fill out the form.

You can edit any billing information you specified when registering an account. While editing, a Pin code will be sent to the email address you used when registering your account. Enter this Pin code in the special field after which you can edit your billing information.

After completing the registration process, you won't be able to change your e-mail address on your own. To change your email address, you'll need to contact our support team, stating the nature of the issue. Our experts will help you resolve this issue as soon as possible.

To reset your account password, use the password recovery form on our website or click on the link However, we strongly recommend that you write down and keep in a safe place your username and password in order to avoid difficulties logging into our website.

Our live chat support is available 7 days a week, from 8:00 to 20:00 GMT. In addition, we can also be reached through the feedback form, phone or email [email protected].